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The Looking Forward Head Band is one size fits most. Customizing to smaller or larger sizing is available.
Please call 267-716-8142 or e mail. for custom size pricing.

Looking Forward Head Support Band ™


The Looking Forward Head Support Band™ will enable the wearer to lift their head with less effort into a more upright and comfortable position. This is particularly important for persons suffering from dropped head syndrome, tired neck muscles, poor posture or a number of other conditions that cause the head to fall forward onto the chest.

The Looking Forward Head Support Band™ is a one piece, comfortable stretch fabric with a hook and loop fastener. The wearer can put it on and remove it themselves independently. It is comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

The Looking Forward Head Support Band™ maintains it’s support of the head for the entire time the band is worn. Place the centre of the band at the neck, drape the ends down the back, cross them, bring the ends to the front and close the velcro across the chest. Slide the band from the neck to the forehead and the head is lifted.

Please Note: International buyers are responsible for duties, taxes, customs clearance fees and any other import fees that may be levied by their home countries.

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Extra Small 24 to 29 inches, Small 30 to 36 inches, Medium/Large 37 to 42 inches, Extra Large 43 to 48 inches

The LOOKING FORWARD HEAD SUPPORT SYSTEM™ is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure medical problems.
Please consult with your physician before using.
Looking Forward Head Support™ All Rights Reserved.
Patent no. US 9,198,794 B2

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